CAM Announces 2021 Safety Achievement Award Winners

CAM Announces 2021 Safety Achievement Award Winners

March 30, 2022 - The 2021 CAM Safety Achievement awards are presented to members of the Construction Association of Michigan, categorized by hours worked in 2021, and ranked gold, silver, or bronze, based on maintaining an Experience Modification Rate below 1.0 and reporting recordable injury and illness rates below industry averages.

We received over 50 applications. Award recipients represented approximately 7,328 employees and clocked over 14,962,541 hours worked, with an average Experience Modification Rate of .70.

We are pleased to recognize the following companies on their outstanding dedication to promoting safety and health throughout all levels of their respective companies:

Gold Winners

  • 0-50,000 Hours Worked: Zimmer Roofing & Construction
  • 51,000-199,999 Hours Worked: Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.
  • 200,000-499,999 Hours Worked: Dearborn Mid-West Company
  • 500,000+ Hours Worked: Motor City Electric Company

Silver Winners

  • 0-50,000 Hours Worked: George McIntosh Inc. and J.S. Vig Construction Company
  • 51,000-199,999 Hours Worked: Frank Rewold and Sons, Inc.
  • 200,000-499,999 Hours Worked: DeMaria Building Company
  • 500,000+ Hours Worked: Gallagher-Kaiser

Bronze Winners

  • 0-50,000 Hours Worked: Braun Construction
  • 51,000-199,999 Hours Worked: Turner Construction Company
  • 200,000-499,999 Hours Worked: AUCH Construction, Sachse Construction, and CSM Group, Inc.
  • 500,000+ Hours Worked: Devon Industrial Group

Honorable Mention

Blaze Contracting Inc.
Central Conveyor Company
Christman Constructors
Clark Construction Company
Commercial Contracting Corporation
Dee Cramer
Douglas Steel Erection
Eagle Excavation Inc
Hoyt, Brumm, & Link, Inc
Ideal Contracting LLC
John e Green Company
Leidal & Hart Mason Contractors
McNally-Nimergood Co
Oliver / Hatcher Construction
Oscar W Larson Company
Poncraft Door Company
Progressive Mechanical, Inc.
Roncelli, Inc.
Schiffer Mason Contractors
Spence Brothers
Superior Electric Great Lakes Company
The Dailey Company

Award recipients were recognized at a ceremony on Friday, April 29, 2022. 


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