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In 2011, CAM established its Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and Political Action Committee (PAC) to identify, shape and promote pro-business and pro-construction policies and legislation on behalf of the CAM membership and the Michigan construction industry.

After 10 years, CAM’s Government Affairs Committee along with its Lansing Lobbyist firm, Kindsvatter Dalling & Associates, continues to work closely with lawmakers and industry leaders to influence policy decisions on issues important to CAM’s membership in a way that positively impacts and improves Michigan’s construction industry.

In fact, more than any other time in its history, CAM has the unique opportunity to strategically influence and shape pro-business and pro-construction legislation. Specifically, CAM has drafted and proposed a piece of legislation named the Michigan Construction Payment Act [MCPA]. When passed and enacted, the MCPA will become the first performance/prompt pay law for private sector commercial projects in the State of Michigan, joining the more than 37 other states that previously enacted similar private sector prompt pay laws.

CAM’s GAC and PAC appreciates, welcomes and needs your continued support in the form of active participation and financial donations to ensure that our voice is heard loud and clear. Active participation is vital to our industry’s long-term health, and is a critical component in shaping our future by influencing public policy that creates and improves a pro-business, pro-construction environment. CAM members will have direct access to legislative and policy makers so that we may shape public policy to ensure our interests are recognized and considered.

We cannot stand on the sidelines unwilling to participate in the struggle to improve the industry each of us love so dearly. Let’s take this opportunity to be the voice of Michigan’s construction industry to ensure that our issues help shape pro-construction policies and legislation.

For more information, or if you are interested in serving on the CAM Government Affairs Committee or donating to the CAM Political Action Committee, please contact Jim Oleksinski, M.A., J.D., LL.M, Governmental Relations Liaison, or complete the application below.