About Committees

Since 1885, committees have been instrumental in steering the direction of the Association. We welcome participation by any individual employed by a CAM member company. Accepting a committee position will allow you to network with other industry professionals, exercise your leadership skills, and prepare the Association for continued success. 

Staff Liaison: Jim Oleksinski

Objective: Develop fundraising programs which will encourage donations for the Political Action Fund. These funds will be used to support political campaigns of candidates who seek to improve the state and local business climate for the construction industry and others in the business community.

• Develop fundraising campaigns and/or events which will attract donations.
• Monitor PAC activities to ensure compliance with legal requirements governing such events.
• Encourage participation in PAC by members and others involved in the construction industry.
• Assist the Government Affairs Committee in selecting appropriate candidates and distributing funds.

Bowling Committee

Staff Liaison:  Ron Riegel

Objective:  Responsible for organizing and conducting the Annual CAM Men’s Doubles Classic.

• Promotion of the event.
• Collect donations, purchase and distribute door prizes.
• Assist at the registration desk.
• Organize the trick-shooting event.

Golf Committee

Staff Liaison:  Kevin Koehler

Objective:  Establish appropriate golf functions whereby members of CAM may network and socialize.

• Research venues for golf outings.
• Decide which sites will be used for the following year.
• Research and recommend additional golf-related activities.
• Raise funds for the purpose of purchasing door prizes and other gifts to be distributed at functions.

Staff Liaison:  Jim Oleksinski

Objective:  Identify governmental issues and/or trends which may directly or indirectly impact the construction industry.  The committee shall be responsible for researching these concerns and recommending appropriate action or position to the CAM Board of Directors.

• Seek to improve the national, state, and local business climate for contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and others involved in the construction industry, and the business community at large.
• Facilitate communication between CAM members, elected officers, staff members, and government leaders regarding pertinent issues and/or trends.
• Position CAM as an important and politically active entity within the Michigan construction industry working in concert with other construction related organizations.
• Counsel and advice the CAM lobbyist charged with representing CAM’s position to government leaders and agencies.
• Increase awareness and appreciation of CAM, its members, and its role within the construction industry to government leaders and agencies.
• Guide the activities of the Political Action Committee.
• Determine the manner in which PAC funds will be distributed and to whom – with the assistance of the Chair and Vice Chair of the PAC Committee.

Training & Education Committee

Staff Liaison:  Patti Scherer

Objective:  Develop new education and training programs geared to specific segments of the industry.

• Identify and prioritize ideas for new courses, seminars, conferences and programs.
• Develop and implement new courses including identifying subjects and potential instructors, program content, markets, and program evaluation.
• Make recommendations for improvement of class and course content.

CAM Safety Committee

Staff Liaison: Tracey McLenon

Objective:  Provide a means for CAM member safety personnel to interact with and learn from other CAM members.

• Guide and steer the development and on-going activity of the CAM safety program.
• Examine and identify material for the safety section of the website, CAM magazine and CAM e-News.
• Recommend safety related “hot topics” and instructors for CAMTEC.
• Review the criteria for the CAM Safety Award.
• Identify additional safety products and services CAM can offer its members.
• Establish a library of safety videos and other materials.

Staff Liaison:  Jacob Smoger

Objective:  Engage emerging leaders in the construction industry by providing opportunities to network within the industry, develop leadership skills, and play a more active role in the association.

• Identify opportunities for civic engagement.
• Plan and execute networking events for young professionals.
• Work with Education Committee to create professional development opportunities for young professionals.
• Prepare for future role on Board of Directors

CAM Connect Committee

Staff Liaison:  Patti Scherer

Objective:  Identify activities which provide for social interaction between members.

• Recommend appropriate social activities.
• Research destinations and/or activities, costs and contract arrangements for each proposed event.
• Negotiate final arrangements for events which protect CAM’s financial liability.
• Provide for a minimum of one committee representative in attendance at each event.
• Evaluate each even for effectiveness and cost efficiency.
• Evaluate overall effectiveness of social programs in attracting and involving CAM members.