Member Benefit: MSDSonline

Member Benefit: MSDSonline

CAM Member Benefit

Powerful, Cost-Effective Solutions for HazCom/GHS Compliance!


MSDSonline – a VelocityEHS Solution, is a Preferred Vendor Providing Special Discounted Rates – Schedule a Complimentary Demonstration Today!

Construction Association of Michigan members know the challenges businesses face working to ensure employee safety while also staying current with an evolving regulatory landscape, including changes brought on by GHS. Cloud-based MSDSonline chemical management solutions help make workplaces safer and compliance easier by providing users with seamless access to the leading inventory of safety data sheets, including those in the new GHS-aligned format.

Thanks to a special preferred vendor arrangement, CAM members can quickly and easily sign up with MSDSonline to access everything needed to centralize Hazard Communication and GHS compliance across their entire organization, including:

    • Safety Data Sheet Management
    • Right-to-Know Compliance Tools
    • Chemical Inventory Management
    • Chemical Approval Workflows
    • Auto-Flagging & Management of Banned Chemicals
    • Regulatory Reporting Tools
    • Emergency Response Services (add-on service)

Schedule a demo today! To get started, you can click the Request Quote button on this page, or contact Kate Schalk (312) 881-2488,