MISS DIG Suspends Project 21-Day Tickets

MISS DIG Suspends Project 21-Day Tickets

To increase dig site safety and productivity through smaller scopes of work, the MISS DIG 811 Board of Directors has opted to suspend the Project 21-Day ticket type for the 2023 dig season beginning May 16, 2023. Excavators may place Normal 21-Day tickets and schedule work in phases by staggering the Work to Begin dates. Larger projects that will last more than 21 days should be placed as a Project 180-Day ticket. This will generate tickets that better match how much locating and excavation may be completed within the allotted timeframe. Additionally, surrounding states use the same linear footage, which makes the transition across state lines less complicated for contractors who work through the region.

Additionally, as of May 16, 2023, the maximum linear feet allowed on a dig ticket will be up to 1,320 linear feet in any direction in an urban area and 2,640 linear feet in any direction in a rural area.

MISS DIG 811 Advanced External Plus users will no longer see the Project 21-Day ticket option in their accounts. If an Advanced External Plus user tries to action an existing Project 21-Day ticket, whether to retransmit, copy, or continue, they will receive an error message. Retransmits of existing, active Project 21-Day tickets will be available until the ticket expires only by calling the MISS DIG 811 Notification Center.

Click here to access the Ticket Comparison Guide, which will help users navigate the change. MISS DIG 811 will be following up with training and resources. Please keep an eye out in your inbox and your Message of the Day in OneCallAccess. The information will be housed at reference.missdig811.org. Click here to subscribe to the MISS DIG monthly newsletter.

If you have any questions about the online ticket creation process, please reach out to the Web Ticket Department at webticketsupport@missdig811.org. If you have general questions or concerns, please contact the MISS Dig Director of Operations, Laura Arnold at 248-370-6406.