Effectively Manage Your HR Tasks

Exclusive CAM Member Benefit

The Construction Association of Michigan has partnered with HRPro and BenePro, a local provider of human resources assistance and employee benefits, to offer services tailored specifically for the construction industry in Michigan.

HRPro and their sister company, BenePro are based in Royal Oak. They service clients throughout the United States but call Michigan home. Advising clients, educating, mitigating HR risk, and proving cost containment strategies for employee benefits, they have built a sterling reputation for customer service for over 35 years. 

Special for CAM Members: $100 off the HR Roadmap Session

Schedule your online Strategic HR Roadmap Session with HRPro today and let us help you navigate the complexities of HR practices, so you can focus on growing your business. By participating in HRPro’s HR Roadmap session, you will walk away with practical suggestions and recommendations specifically tailored to enhance your HR functions. This session will give you valuable insights into the pitfalls and roadblocks that may currently hinder your HR practices. 

FREE Construction Industry Benefit Benchmarking Report

BenePro presents the Construction Industry Benefit Benchmarking Report – the ultimate guide to analyzing your benefits package! Our report provides valuable insight into how other companies in your industry structure their benefits plans, what benefits they offer, and what strategies they use to cut costs.

Why is this report essential for your company?

  • Health care reform has brought significant changes, and you need to ensure that you're offering a package that meets the needs of your employees while also managing costs effectively.
  • The cost of providing health care benefits continues to skyrocket, and employer interest in benchmark data has grown over the past decade.
  • Analyzing how other companies are structuring their plans and the strategies they are using to cut costs may make your own benefit plan decisions a bit easier.
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