Simplifying Contracts for the Construction Industry

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Before you sign a contract, you need to make sure you understand and can manage all risks. 

Whether it's the need to negotiate, or just plan for a tough term (like not having schedule relief for bad weather), you need to know your deal. Document Crunch® is the construction industry’s Contract Genius™, allowing you to quickly identify contract risk, standardize contract review and give your team a playbook to empower them with the knowledge required to leverage the contract for successful outcomes.

From General Contractors to Sub trades, Legal teams to Owners, Document Crunch helps make your life easier by making the contract review process a breeze.

  • Quickly identify contract risk
  • Standardize contract review
  • Give your team a planbook

Document Crunch Benefits:


Reduce the time it takes to review contracts by up to 80%. Simply upload your document and within minutes you’ll get a 360-degree view of that contract with summarized information on why highlighted provisions matter.


If your contract review process is tedious, broken or non-existent, Document Crunch can help deliver a consistent and repeatable process that will reduce risk and make everyone’s lives easier.


Don’t go it alone. Document Crunch gives you a second set of eyes that can highlight key areas of the contract that require your attention. Two is better than one.


By arming your team with contract knowledge, you’re empowering them to perform better in their roles and ensure that fewer mistakes are made.