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A Workers' Comp Plan that PAYS YOU BACK

The Construction Association of Michigan Workers’ Compensation Plan is a group self-insurance program designed for and operated by the construction industry.

As Michigan’s leading group self-insurance program, we understand the challenges that come with finding affordable and comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance. That’s why we not only make it possible to quickly get covered by top insurers who specialize in the construction industry.

We pay you back.

Here’s how it works: CAMComp invests the premiums of everyone in the group. At the end of every year, we compare the group’s claims paid out vs. the premiums paid in. If the premiums exceed the claims, we pay that difference plus investment income back to our group members.

It’s really as simple as that!

So whether you’re a small general contracting business or a construction company with dozens of employees, CAMComp can help you find the best workers’ compensation policy for the way you work.

Resources. Rebates. Relief.

Discover why more of Michigan’s construction leaders are turning to CAMComp for all their workers’ compensation needs!

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